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This plugin will create pages from a databag. I had a lot of data in json format, and the lektor way of creating a page (e.g. one folder for each page) would have needed an unwieldy amount of folders. This little plugin allows you to specify a databag path and pages will be automatically generated for each item in the data.

How to use

Create a field in your model of type “data pages”:

label = Data pages
type = datapages
size = large

Note that currently the name of the field must be "pages”.

In your contents.lr file specify a value like so:

pages: databag.array, name, template.html

The plugin looks for three values separated by a comma.

  1. Databag path. It must point to an array. A page will be created for each item in the array.
  2. Name path. A key to a value that will be used as the _slug value of the page (the plugin will “slugify” it to make it valid)
  3. Template. The template to use for each page that will be created.

In the template you can access the item with the following variables:

  1. item: The databag item that was used to generate the page.
  2. item_name: The value in the databag item indicated by the name path as described above.


Add lektor-datapages to your project from command line:

lektor plugins add lektor-datapages

See the Lektor documentation for more instructions on installing plugins.