A bidirectional Git - Bazaar gateway
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git-bzr: a bidirectional git - bazaar gateway

This script allows you to add bazaar repositories as git branches in your
git repository. After that, you can fetch the Bazaar repo, make some
changes, and push it back into Bazaar.


An example session goes like this:

  $ git init
  $ git bzr add upstream ../bzr-branch
  $ git bzr fetch upstream
  $ git checkout -b local_branch upstream
  $ Hack hack, merge merge....
  $ git bzr push upstream

bzr URLs

Note that a bzr URL corresponds to a single bzr branch, and is represented in
git as a single branch in your repository.

The URL passed to "git bzr add" can be any valid bzr URL, such as:

  * A local filesystem reference
        git bzr add upstream ../bzr-branch
  * A remote bzr repository: 
        git bzr add mega-nerd http://www.mega-nerd.com/Bzr/libsndfile-dev/
  * A Launchpad URL:
	git bzr add upstream lp:inkscape


You need a new Git (v 1.6.0 or higher).

Furthermore, you need the Bazaar fastimport plugin. It can be found at
https://launchpad.net/bzr-fastimport; to fetch it, run:

  $ bzr branch lp:bzr-fastimport

Finally, you need to install the git-bzr script somewhere.


The git-bzr script is licensed under the same license as Git.