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Add a way to show all bzr remote bzr branch names (similar to "git remote show");
nb. "git branch" will show bzr remotes as normal git branches, but it would
be useful to have a git-bzr option to show only bzr remotes.
Add a way to delete remote bzr branches (similar to "git remote rm")
Add a way to rename remote bzr branches (similar to "git remote rename")
nb. Using "git branch rm" and "git branch mv" does not update the git-bzr info
in .git/config, so it would be useful to have a git-bzr specific command that
keeps that info in sync.
Add a clone command to make it easier to import a bzr as a git repository from
scratch. Simplified workflow for this: mkdir, git init,
git bzr add $branch $location, git bzr fetch $branch, git merge $branch.
$branch should be chosen automatically.
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