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MISC: updated mailmap file

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commit 65df67ccef94b6e7d90cf08196cf76c9087d3539 1 parent 1d3af58
@matthew-brett matthew-brett authored
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14 .mailmap
@@ -1,5 +1,19 @@
+# Prevent git from showing duplicate names with commands like "git shortlog"
+# See the manpage of git-shortlog for details.
+# The syntax is:
+# Name that should be used <email that should be used> Bad name <bad email>
+# You can skip Bad name if it is the same as the one that should be used, and is unique.
+# This file is up-to-date if the command git log --format="%aN <%aE>" | sort -u
+# gives no duplicates.
Michael Hanke <> <mhanke-guest@82381867-18eb-0310-98a2-9474e637aba2>
Michael Hanke <> <>
Yaroslav Halchenko <> <yoh-guest@82381867-18eb-0310-98a2-9474e637aba2>
Bertrand Thirion <> bthirion <>
Stephan Gerhard <> Stephan Gerhard <>
+Christian Haselgrove <> Christian Haselgrove <>
+CindeeM <> cindeem <>
+Félix C. Morency <> Felix C. Morency <> Félix C. Morency <>
+Félix C. Morency <> Félix C. Morency <>
+Krish Subramaniam <> Krish Subramaniam <>
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