Quick start

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This page shows you how to quickly upload own images to Wikimedia Commons

1. Open VicuñaUploader

If you have problems, see help page.

2. Edit settings

Open settings window (Ctrl+T). In fact, default settings are OK for typical upload.

Settings form

  1. [wm] Choose author. If it's not your own work fill also source field (1a)[wm].
  2. The most important option – license of your files. Recommended one is Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-SA 3.0). You can read about it at Creative Commons website.
    •  Choose Other license to write below your own[wm], eg. {{PD-self}}
    •  You can also put your attribution or credit line (2a)[wm], eg. John Doe / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0. See also Commons page about it.
  3. Here you can put categories for all files, semicolon (;) separated.
  4. [wm] This field is for extra wikitext, eg. templates like {{Personality rights}}, {{Trademarked}} as well as OTRS permissions.

More information: Settings

3. Load files

To load files press Ctrl+Space, use yellow folder icon Folder or just drag folder/files into main window.

Main window

4. Add description and select to upload

Below you can see how to use file panels. If you want to edit multiple files at once select them (just mouse left-click and Shift/Ctrl, you will see panel's darker background).

File panel

5. Log-in

To log-in press Ctrl+` and write your Wikimedia login and password.

6. Upload files

To upload files press Ctrl+U or upload icon in the right bottom corner. Before upload program will check files' names (if they are unique, free at Wikimedia Commons server, without DSFC and IMG in it).

7. Voilà!

Now your files should be at Commons. If you selected option create gallery after upload you should see it as a subpage of your userpage.

If you'll close program, all settings will be automatically saved (except password).

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