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Telegram Messaging App first Trivia Bot! This is customized for personal use, but can be easily edited to fit any Telegram channel or Telegram private messaging.

In general, is where most of the customization is needed.

To initially configure the app, you need to set up two things:

public static String apiID = "";

public static int chatRoomID = -1;

The apiID you can get by signing up an app on

The chatRoomID is the chat ID you will send the trivia bot to. You need to find out the group chat id where you want to add the trivia, and change to that accordingly.

onIncomingMessageChat - is where you can customize the incoming messages in the chat.

processCommand - is where you can add custom actions that you write in the chat and can work accordingly. typing “start” to start, “stop” to stop, “help” for help, etc.

loadTrivia - you can add custom names to users participating in the trivia with: idsToNames.put(). You need to find out the user's id in telegram and add that.

Been getting a lot of emails and sorry I can't answer all of you, if you have any issues please submit an issue on github, that way I can help you better :)

Thanks, and happy triviaing!


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