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Co-authored-by: Maël Nison <>
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This plugin will add support to Yarn for the exec: protocol. This protocol is special in that it'll instruct Yarn to execute the specified Node script and use its output as package content (thus treating the script as a kind of package factory).


yarn plugin import exec



  "dependencies": {
    "pkg": "exec:./gen-pkg.js"


const {mkdirSync, writeFileSync} = require(`fs`);
const generatorPath = process.argv[2];


writeFileSync(`${generatorPath}/build/package.json`, JSON.stringify({
  name: `pkg`,
  version: `1.0.0`,

writeFileSync(`${generatorPath}/build/index.js`, `module.exports = ${};\n`);


The script will be invoked with one parameter which is a temporary directory. You're free to do whatever you want inside, but at the end of the execution Yarn will expect a build directory to have been created inside it that will then be compressed into an archive and stored within the cache.

Busting the cache isn't currently supported - you'll need to manually remove the relevant archives from your cache each time you want to update the content of the package. Help welcome!

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