@DanBuild DanBuild released this Oct 2, 2018 · 11 commits to master since this release

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  • Adds initial support for PnP on Windows

    #6447 - John-David Dalton

  • Adds yarn audit (and the --audit flag for all installs)

    #6409 - Jeff Valore

  • Adds a special logic to PnP for ESLint compatibility (temporary, until eslint/eslint#10125 is fixed)

    #6449 - Maël Nison

  • Makes the PnP hook inject a process.versions.pnp variable when setup (equals to VERSIONS.std)

    #6464 - Maël Nison

  • Disables by default (configurable) the automatic migration of the integrity field. It will be re-enabled in 2.0.

    #6465 - Maël Nison

  • Fixes the display name of the faulty package when the NPM registry returns corrupted data

    #6455 - Grey Baker

  • Prevents crashes when running yarn outdated and the NPM registry forgets to return the latest tag

    #6454 - mad-mike

  • Fixes yarn run when used together with workspaces and PnP

    #6444 - Maël Nison

  • Fixes an edge case when peer dependencies were resolved multiple levels deep (webpack-dev-server)

    #6443 - Maël Nison