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Important: This release contains a cache bump. It will cause the very first install following the upgrade to take slightly more time, especially if you don't use the Offline Mirror feature. After that everything will be back to normal.

  • Fixes an issue with yarn audit when using workspaces

    #6625 - Jeff Valore

  • Uses NODE_OPTIONS to instruct Node to load the PnP hook, instead of raw CLI arguments

    Caveat: This change might cause issues for PnP users having a space inside their cwd (cf nodejs/node#24065)

    #6479 - Maël Nison

  • Fixes Gulp when used with Plug'n'Play

    #6623 - Maël Nison

  • Fixes an issue with yarn audit when the root package was missing a name

    #6611 - Jack Zhao

  • Fixes an issue with yarn audit when a package was depending on an empty range

    #6611 - Jack Zhao

  • Fixes an issue with how symlinks are setup into the cache on Windows

    #6621 - Yoad Snapir

  • Upgrades inquirer, fixing upgrade-interactive for users using both Node 10 and Windows

    #6635 - Philipp Feigl

  • Exposes the path to the PnP file using require.resolve('pnpapi')

    #6643 - Maël Nison