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📦🐈 Fast, reliable, and secure dependency management.
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.circleci make running with Plug'n Play possible on node 13 (#7650) Nov 7, 2019
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__tests__ Allow dots in bin names (#7811) Jan 22, 2020
bin Support Darwin bash in bin/yarn (#6568) Oct 23, 2018
end_to_end_tests Delete Docker container after test runs Nov 19, 2016
flow-typed/npm feat(version): Allow for prereleases flags and prerelease identifiers ( Jun 13, 2019
packages Fix minor typo in dependencies test (#7214) Apr 29, 2019
resources Improve rendering of Chocolatey package description (#6899) Jan 14, 2019
scripts Fixing dynamic require missing from webpack (#6908) Jan 14, 2019
src Fixes empty yarnrc files Mar 7, 2020
.babelrc Yarn Plug'n'Play: Implementation (#6382) Sep 24, 2018
.dockerignore Add Dockerfile for building Yarn (#2628) Feb 11, 2017
.editorconfig Allow token replacement of .npmrc configuration with env vars (#1207) Nov 14, 2016
.eslintignore chore(eslint): ignore packages dir (#4963) Nov 27, 2017
.eslintrc.json Fix generated .pnp.js compatibility with Node 6. (#6871) Jan 4, 2019
.flowconfig Pkg-tests testsuite (#5392) Feb 27, 2018
.gitattributes Set tgz files as binary in git (#2273) Dec 16, 2016
.gitignore Yarn Plug'n'Play: Implementation (#6382) Sep 24, 2018
.npmignore Remove Roadrunner (#3079) Apr 8, 2017 Update Mar 6, 2020 add my personal email to code of conduct Aug 24, 2016 docs(contributing): Direct contribution guides to the website (#4872) Nov 7, 2017 fix: Add Node 10 support (#5769) May 23, 2018
LICENSE LICENSE: Specify BSD 2-Clause (#3133) May 12, 2017 Add Azure Pipelines badge to (#6720) Nov 26, 2018
appveyor.yml ci(perf): Set maxWorkers to match the number of cores available (#6249) Aug 9, 2018
azure-pipelines.yml make running with Plug'n Play possible on node 13 (#7650) Nov 7, 2019
gulpfile.js Upgrade gulp v4 (#6143) Aug 22, 2018
jenkins_jobs.groovy ci(brew): Pass access token to Homebrew job (#5862) May 24, 2018
package.json 1.23.0-0 Feb 5, 2020
renovate.json Enable Renovate master issue approval (#6490) Oct 4, 2018


Fast, reliable, and secure dependency management.

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Fast: Yarn caches every package it has downloaded, so it never needs to download the same package again. It also does almost everything concurrently to maximize resource utilization. This means even faster installs.

Reliable: Using a detailed but concise lockfile format and a deterministic algorithm for install operations, Yarn is able to guarantee that any installation that works on one system will work exactly the same on another system.

Secure: Yarn uses checksums to verify the integrity of every installed package before its code is executed.


  • Offline Mode. If you've installed a package before, then you can install it again without an internet connection.
  • Deterministic. The same dependencies will be installed in the same exact way on any machine, regardless of installation order.
  • Network Performance. Yarn efficiently queues requests and avoids request waterfalls in order to maximize network utilization.
  • Network Resilience. A single request that fails will not cause the entire installation to fail. Requests are automatically retried upon failure.
  • Flat Mode. Yarn resolves mismatched versions of dependencies to a single version to avoid creating duplicates.
  • More emojis. 🐈

Installing Yarn

Read the Installation Guide on our website for detailed instructions on how to install Yarn.

Using Yarn

Read the Usage Guide on our website for detailed instructions on how to use Yarn.

Contributing to Yarn

Contributions are always welcome, no matter how large or small. Substantial feature requests should be proposed as an RFC. Before contributing, please read the code of conduct.

See Contributing.

Prior art

Yarn wouldn't exist if it wasn't for excellent prior art. Yarn has been inspired by the following projects:


Thanks to Sam Holmes for donating the npm package name!

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