An infinite backgroundTask based on playing blank audio file ...
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backgroundTask iOS Swift version

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This is an updated Swift version of the example of the Infinite Running Background Task written in Objective C Infinite task is based on playing blank audio file. My version is simplified to a minumum to run the task forever in the background. I also included a blank wav file that will be played forever until you stop the task. *Note: Battery consuming is 10% for 24 hours period.

#YouTube tutorial and overview


Copy manually file BackgroundTask.swift into your project.

#Warning Do NOT attemp to use my implementation if you are planning to push your app to the App Store. Apple will 100% reject such behavior. This project was designed for research purposes or personal use.


var backgroundTask = BackgroundTask()
//Start playing blank audio file. 
//You can run NSTimer() or whatever you need and it will continue executing in the background.
//Stop the task when you don't need it