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## test-creep
-Node.js selective tests execution. *Seamlessly* integrates with [Mocha]( (more frameworks coming soon).
+Node.js selective test execution. **Seamlessly** integrates with [Mocha]( (more frameworks coming soon).
## What is selective test execution?
@@ -14,18 +14,23 @@ For more information visit [my blog]( or [my
1. You should use [Mocha]( in your project to run tests. You should use git as source control.
2. You need to have Mocha installed locally and run it locally rather than globally:
$> npm install mocha
$> ./node_moduels/mocha/bin/mocha ./tests
3. You need to install test-creep:
$> npm install test-creep
4. When you run mocha specify to run a special test before all other tests
$> ./node_moduels/mocha/bin/mocha ./node_modules/test-creep/first.js ./tests
first.js is bundled with test-select and monkey patchs mocha with required instrumentation.
@@ -66,4 +71,5 @@ At any moment you can run mocha without first.js in which case all tests and not
* If you have a test suite that runs super fast (< 2 seconds) then test-select will probably add more overhead than help. test-select sweet spot is in long running test suites, though whenever tests run for more than a couple of seconds it can save you time.
+## More information
For more information visit [my blog]( or [my twitter](

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