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Add support for -Si

Technically, -Qi and -Si are different, in that -Qi shows information about the
locally-installed version, while -Si queries the repositories.  Unfortunately,
other distros don't seem to have this level of detail, as shown by the line in
the Pacman Rosetta, which lists `pacman -[S|Q]i` as one command.
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1 parent 1a116c7 commit c3b753579e1563ef2c7118cb91a858087d2e4ed2 @xiongchiamiov xiongchiamiov committed Jan 23, 2012
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4 pacman
@@ -264,6 +264,10 @@ case "$_POPT$_SOPT" in
_exec_ DPKG "apt-get remove $_PKG"
_exec_ YUM "yum erase $_PKG"
+ "Si")
+ _exec_ DPKG "dpkg-query -s $_PKG"
+ _exec_ YUM "yum info $_PKG"
+ ;;
_VERBOSE="" _exec_ DPKG "apt-get upgrade"
_VERBOSE="" _exec_ DPKG "apt-get upgrade"

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