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Sudoku solution helper. (Javascript)

====== If you cannot solve sudokus, this calculator will help you. It also can help you, if you create your own sudokus.


  1. Find "single" - The only value possible.
  2. Find "hidden single" - One of the possible values is in this cell only.
  3. "Open pair" - Two cells with identical pair. The values can be removed from the other cells in the group.


  1. "Candidate lines" - If you look within a box, and find that all of the places where you can put a particular number lie along a single line, then you can be sure that wherever you put the number in that box, it has to be on the line.

Supported fields:

  1. 3x3
  2. 3x3x3
  3. 5x3x3 - Samurai


  1. Nonomino-Sudoku

You can make your own fields and add them into app.js.

Demo here: