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ATK14 Book

Here is a book about a brilliant PHP framework ATK14!

Visit to see it alive.


git checkout
cd Atk14Book
git submodule init
git submodule update
composer install

If you are experiencing a trouble make sure that all requirements are met:

Installing optional 3rd party libraries

composer update

If you don't have the Composer installed, visit

Front-end Assets Installation

Install dependencies.

With Node.js and npm installed, run the following one liner from the root of your Skelet application:

$ npm install -g gulp && npm install -g bower && npm install && bower install

This will install all the tools you will need to serve and build your front-end assets.

Run initial build

Run initial Gulp build process for presentation and admininstration.

$ gulp && gulp admin

Serve / watch

$ gulp serve

This outputs an IP address you can use to locally test and another that can be used on devices connected to your network.

Starting development webserver


And now you may find running Atk14Book on http://localhost:8000.