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Group Info

3rd Year

S.No. Stars ⭐️ Registration No. Name Git Repo Link
1 PCE16CE129 Abhishek Sharma https://github.com/Abhi2819sharma/MY-ML-Practice.git
2 6 PCE16CE006 Aditya Rajora https://github.com/Adityarajora/MYMLPractice
3 1 PCE16CE023 Ayush Kumar https://github.com/Ayushkr99/My-Ml-Practice
4 PCE16CE030 Chahat Jain https://github.com/Chahat1996/MY-ML-Practice.git
5 PCE16CE031 Chayan Jain
6 PCE16CE034 Diksha Bothra https://github.com/dikshabothra/My-ML-Practice
7 PCE16CE036 Disti Jain https://github.com/distijain98/mymlpractice.git
8 1 PCE16CE039 Eakta Sharma https://github.com/ekta-sharma19/MY_ML-Practice
9 PCE16CE310 Eshan Talwadiya https://github.com/eshantalwadiya12345/My-ML-Practice.git
10 PCE16CE052 Jaya Sharma https://github.com/10-jaya/my-ML-project
11 PCE16CE061 Mahima Sukhlecha https://github.com/mahima-sukhlecha/My-ML-Practice
12 PCE16CE064 Megha Gupta https://github.com/gmegha12/My-ML-practice
13 PCE16CE301 Mohit Agarwal https://github.com/manumohit/My-ML-Practice
14 2 PCE16CE068 Mohit Saini https://github.com/mohit8201/My-ML-Practice
15 4 PCE16CE075 Piyush Vaishya https://github.com/piyushvaishya/My-ML-Practice
16 PCE16CE080 Prem Singh Rathore https://github.com/rathoreprem/MY-ML-PRACTICE
17 1 PCE16CE085 Rishina Dargar https://github.com/rishinadargar/My-ML-Practice
18 PCE16CE087 Sahil Chopra https://github.com/sahilcbm/MY-ML-Practicee
19 PCE16CE088 Sakshi Agarwal https://github.com/Sakshi-Agarwal/My-ML-Practice
20 1 PCE16CE307 Sanjoli Jain https://github.com/Sanjolijain04/My-ML-Practice
21 1 PCE16CE092 Shivansh Mathur https://github.com/Shiva942/my_ML_practice
22 7 PCE16CE094 Shruti Ganeriwal https://github.com/shruti224/MyMLPractice
23 PCE16CE102 Sudhanshu Jain https://github.com/blacksag/My-ML-Practice.git
24 3 PCE16CE104 Suraj Kumar https://github.com/srj789/My-Ml-Practice
25 5 PCE16CE106 Swapnil Singh https://github.com/swapnil2306/my_ML_practice

2nd Year

S.No. Stars ⭐️ Registration No. Name Git Repo Link
1 6 PCE17CS018 Alfaij Mansuri https://github.com/alfaijmansuri/MyMLpractice
2 9 PCE17CS089 Kuldeep Tailor https://github.com/tailorkuldeep/My-ML-Practice