A mini version of the MS Courier Tablet using Java Swing custom components
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Name: Yash Kshirsagar

Email: yash.ksagar@gmail.com

Java Version:  1.6.0


 - A mini version of the Microsoft Courier Tablet, with custom built components using Java Swing.


 - Implemented the BACKSPACE functionality. user can type and delete currently typed in block of text using BACKSPACE.

 - Used mouse RIGHT_CLICK to toggle between 3 colors BLACK,BLUE,RED for text. User can select text insertion point using RightClick(multiple presses toggle color) and can type in that color.

 - Undo of current free form stroke. Using DELETE key (as on a PC,  not Mac), though multiple presses required to erase entire stroke. Works best for simple strokes.

 - Rubber-banding effect on rectangles and ovals works in any direction the user drags the mouse. 

 - Background for canvas is a Legal pad PNG image, rendered at start of paintComponent method.