This is an Arduino library for the BeeIR sensor and other IR sensors.
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BeeIR-Sensor Library

Arduino Library for BeeIR and all of other analog IR sensors. The Library can output analog sensors values as a boolean values. the sensor values is greater than programmer provided threshold value then output is 1 and sensor value is minor than threshold value then output is 0.

Library methods

Intialize library object

BeeIR bIR(threshold_value, Sensor1, Sensor2, Sensor3, Sensor4, Sensor5, Sensor6, Sensor7, Sensor8);

BeeIR -> is class name.
bIR -> is a new BeeIR object name. You can put your own name.
threshold_value -> is value margin between 1 and 0.
Sensor1 -8 -> Replace the analog pin which is you connected sensor panel

Get Sensor readings


the senosr_number is vari between 1-8. put the correct sensor number to senosr_number.
call this function in Arduino as following

bIR.ReadSensor(1); // Read sensor 1 value

Write full code as following
#include <BeeIR.h>

BeeIR bIR(700, A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7);
void setup() {

void loop() {
  Serial.print(bIR.ReadSensor(1));//Read Sensor 1 value
  Serial.print(bIR.ReadSensor(2));//Read Sensor 2 value
  //use this format to read other sensor data 


BeeIR sensor is a TCRT5000 based 8 sensor array board. Which it is provides 8 analog outputs to user. BeeIR is support for Arduino,STM32, NodeMCU and any other development boards. And it is suitable for Hobby-tronics and robotics developments. BeeIR have a preset controller to the adjust IR led brightnes. And the LED is use as power indicator.

Sensor Specs

Model : BeeIR
IR sensor : TCRT5000
Channels : 8
Pitch : 9.5 mm
Supply voltage : 3.3-5V DC
Supply current : 200mA max
Analog Outputs : 8
PCB Size : 77.00mm x 26.00mm


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bee array front

bee array back

Full dimention specs