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Runtime Scene Gizmo for Unity


Available on Asset Store:!/content/123040

Forum Thread:

This plugin helps you display a runtime scene gizmo as a UI element in your Unity projects. An event is raised when a component of the gizmo is clicked.


Simply add Plugins/RuntimeSceneGizmo/Prefabs/GizmoRenderer to your UI canvas and position it as you like. Gizmo will always have 1:1 aspect ratio and, by default, will be placed at the top-right corner of GizmoRenderer. You can change the RenderTarget child object's pivot for a different placement.

To invoke a function when a gizmo component is clicked, use the On Component Clicked event of the GizmoRenderer object. Functions registered to this event should ideally take a GizmoComponent parameter (which is defined in RuntimeSceneGizmo namespace).

GizmoRenderer will automatically create an instance of SceneGizmo prefab in your scene. SceneGizmo uses a camera to render the gizmo to a RenderTexture, which is then used by the GizmoRenderer to display the gizmo on the canvas. By default, SceneGizmo objects use layer 24 but this can be adjusted via SceneGizmoController.GIZMOS_LAYER constant.

See Plugins/RuntimeSceneGizmo/Demo/DemoScene for an example scene.