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Operations that take long such as assembling or do not even have an end like emulating are executed inside webworkers. On the browser-level webworkers have a simple string-messaging-api which is extended by yasps Communicator-class.

Specific communicator-implementations


Internal format of comminucator-messages. The only values exposed via the API are error, payload and action. id is used only internally to coordinate the callbacks.

Normal messages

  "action": "",
  "id": 0,
  "error": 0,
  "payload": {}


Broadcasts are the same as the normal messages, but their id will always be null.


Workers POV

if (typeof yasp == 'undefined') yasp = { };
importScripts(/* relative urls to scripts.. */);

var communicator = new yasp.CommunicatorBackend(self, function(data, ready) {
  // callback is called if a message is received
  switch (data.action) {
    case 'NAME':
      // reply to the message, will cause the callback on the main-thread to be called
        payload: {},
        error: null
      // complain if an unknown action was sent

// send a broadcast
communicator.broadcast('TEST', {
  payload: {
    reason: reason
  error: null

Main-Threads POV

var communicator = new yasp.Communicator("./url/to/file.js");

communicator.sendMessage("MSG_NAME", {
  // params of message, see documentation of the specific communicator-impl you're working with
}, function(data) {
  var error = data.error;
  var payload = data.payload;

function broadHandler (data) {
  var error = data.error;
  var payload = data.payload;

// subscribe to an broadcast-message
communicator.subscribe("BROAD_NAME", broadHandler);

// unsubscribe again
communicator.subscribe("BROAD_NAME", broadHandler);

// kill webworker
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