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All hardware elements in yasp share a common interface, which allows the breadboard to set and get their state but also set parameters like their color. A hardware element should always fill up all space given in its wrapper-element. Additionally it must not communicate with the emulator, but rely on the breadboard to do this. It should also never be initialized by itself, but defined in a breadboard file.

For more information about breadboards take a look at

Hardware-implementations can be found in the /src/app/js/hardware/-directory.


Currently implemented hardware types are:

  • LED
  • POTI

They are documented in the /doc/hardware/-directory.


if (typeof yasp == 'undefined') yasp = { };
if (yasp.HardwareType === undefined) yasp.HardwareType = { };

(function () {
   * ... description ...
   * Params: { }
  yasp.HardwareType["PUSHBUTTON"] = {
    render: function() {
      if (!this.element) {
        // the hardware must set the this.element property
        this.element = document.createElement('div');

        // change the state, probably because the user interacted with the UI

      // render the hardware here..
    initialState: function() {
      return 0;