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an android application that help you to know which base transceiver station you are connect to .
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an android application that help you to know which base transceiver station you are connect to . in addition to that , it can get some keys performance indicators related to the generation you are connecting in . (2G , 3G and 4G) .


The Drive Test is a method of measuring and evaluating the coverage, capacity and quality of service (QoS) of a mobile network. The technique involves using a motor vehicle containing mobile air-to-network interface measurement equipment that can detect and record a wide variety of physical and virtual mobile cellular service parameters in a given geographic area. By measuring what a wireless network subscriber would know in any specific area, wireless operators can make directed changes to their networks that provide better coverage and service to their customers. The Drive test requires a mobile vehicle equipped with test driving equipment. The equipment is usually highly specialized electronic devices that interact with OEM mobile phones. This ensures that the measurements are realistic and comparable to the actual experiences of the users. It is a device that usually collects data about the network itself, network-based services such as voice or data services, radio frequency scan information, and GPS information to provide the location record. . The data set collected during inverter field test measurements may include information such as:

	+ Signal strength
	+ Signal quality
	+ interference
	+ Abandoned calls
	+ Blocked calls
	+ Abnormal events
	+ Call statistics
	+ Service level statistics
	+ Quality of service
	+ Transfer information
	+ Information on neighboring cells
	+ GPS coordinates
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