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The Docker image used at Travis CI
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The YaST C++ Testing Image

Build Status

This git repository contains the configuration used to build the docker image used for TravisCI. The resulting docker image is available at

Automatic Rebuilds

  • The image is rebuilt whenever a commit it pushed to the master branch.
  • The yast-ci-cpp-container-master Jenkins job copies the configuration to the YaST:Head/ci-cpp-container OBS project
  • The OBS tracks the dependencies and rebuilds the image if any dependant package is updated.

Triggering a Rebuild Manually

If for some reason the automatic rebuild do not work or it failed you can trigger the rebuild in the OBS just like for the other regular packages.

The Image Content

This image is based on the latest openSUSE Tumbleweed image, additionally it contains the packages needed for running the tests for YaST packages written in C++. It is possible to install additional packagers if needed, see the Examples section below.

Using the Image in the Other Projects

The image contains the yast-travis-cpp script which runs all the checks and tests.

The workflow is:

  • Copy the sources into the /usr/src/app directory.
  • If the code needs additional packages install them using the zypper install command from the local Dockerfile. If the package can be used by more modules you can add it into the base Docker image here.
  • Run the yast-travis-cpp script. (Optionally you can use the -x and -o options to split the work into several smaller tasks and run them in parallel, see the yast2-storage-ng example.)


Dockerfile example


# optionally install additional packages if needed:
# RUN zypper --non-interactive install --no-recommends \
#  libxml2-devel \
#  yast2-core-devel

# copy the sources into the image
COPY . /usr/src/app

.travis.yml Example

sudo: required
language: bash
  - docker

  - docker build -t yast-foo-image .
  # list the installed packages (just for easier debugging)
  - docker run --rm -it yast-foo-image rpm -qa | sort

  # the "yast-travis-cpp" script is included in the base yast-ruby image
  # see
  - docker run -it --rm -e TRAVIS=1 -e TRAVIS_JOB_ID="$TRAVIS_JOB_ID" yast-foo-image yast-travis-cpp

(Replace foo with your package name to avoid collisions with the other packages when running the same commands locally.)

Building the Image Locally

Using the OSC Tool

From the Git sources:

# you need the rubygem-yast-rake package installed
rake osc:build

From the OBS checkout:

# check it out if not already present
osc co YaST:Head/ci-cpp-container
cd YaST:Head/ci-cpp-container

# build it
osc build containers

Using the Docker tool

⚠️ This approach is not 100% the same as building the image with osc described above. The osc build injects some special modifications to allow building the image inside the OBS build environment.

ℹ️️ You should prefer using the osc method if possible, use the docker build only as a fallback when the osc build is not possible or does not work in your environment.

docker build -t ci-cpp-container-test -f package/Dockerfile package/
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