docs; OOM nitpicking ported from SLE #8

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va_end is not called when the whole function throws.

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Hm, right. In this specific case it should not matter since the intent of the exception is to terminate the program anyway. But the correct way is to move the va_end right after vasprintf where ap is last used. Will do.

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LGTM for me, feel free to merge it when fixed va_end arvin mention

@mvidner mvidner call va_end *before* potentially throwing an exception
spotted by aschnell

C99: "Each invocation of the va_start and va_copy macros shall be
matched by a corresponding invocation of the va_end macro in the
samed function." (7.15.1), quoted in
@mvidner mvidner merged commit 7e7f977 into yast:master Dec 19, 2012
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