New Installer

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New Installer - The Big Picture

This is a "big picture" summary. Detailed documentation should be linked from the respective items.


We'd like to have a new refreshed installer omitting all unneeded steps but with some additional features required by cloud integration, our customers, the market and the openSUSE community. Current workflow contains many step which users just skip.

After the installation, the system is supposed to be ready-to-use, but might not have all services configured, just the basic ones which are needed for the system to run and to be updated.

Requested Features

  • Phases separation: ... configuration, deployment, ...
  • Possibility to update every single piece of the installer
  • Autoinstallation
  • Installation from an appliance image or from RPMs


  • 512 MB RAM
  • work over serial console


  • YaST must not be needed to be installed in the target system
  • local console
  • remote access (text (via SSH), graphical Windows client, and Linux client)
  • Install Server (optional)


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