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Latest commit b56b9bf @imobach imobach Merge pull request #17 from imobach/merge-sle-12-sp1-into-master
Merge SLE 12 SP1 into master
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agents YCP Killer: Apply changes needed for Ruby translation
schema YCP Killer: Apply changes needed for Ruby translation
src Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/SLE-12-GA' into fix-autoyast-s…
testsuite YCP Killer: Translate YCP files into Ruby
.gitignore add gitignore
.travis.yml Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/SLE-12-GA'
COPYING add license text
MAINTAINER deprecate maintainer file
Makefile.cvs added PREFIX to Makefile.cvs README replaced by with build status badges
RPMNAME - renamed to yast2-mail
Rakefile Merge pull request #16 from imobach/merge-sle-12-sp1-after_release
SUBDIRS Check for expect and dejagnu.

YaST - The Mail Configuration

Travis Build Jenkins Build

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