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YaST Network Module

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The YaST2 Network module manages network configuration including device configuration, DNS, Routing and more


  • device configuration via netconfig
  • network service selection (netconfig, NetworkManager, wicked)
  • routing configuration
  • DNS and hostname setup
  • remote administration setup

Some features are SuSE Linux specific.


To install the latest stable version on openSUSE or SLE, use zypper:

$ sudo zypper install yast2-network


To run the module, use the following command as root:

$ yast2 lan

This will start complex dialog with most of features available. For more options see section on running YaST in the YaST documentation.


User YaST documentation is available in general YaST documentation.

Developer documentation specific for this module is in the doc directory.


This module is developed as part of YaST. See YaST development documentation for information about YaST architecture, development environment and other development-related topics.

To get the source code, clone the GitHub repository:

$ git clone https://github.com/yast/yast-network.git

Alternatively, you can fork the repository and clone your fork. This is most useful if you plan to contribute into the project.

Before doing anything useful with the code, you need to setup a development environment. Fortunately, this is quite simple:

$ sudo zypper install yast2-devtools

To run the module from the source code, use the run Rake task:

$ rake run

To run the testsuite, use the test Rake task:

$ rake test

For a complete list of tasks, run rake -T.

Before submitting any change please read our contribution guidelines.

If you have any question, feel free to ask at the development mailing list or at the #yast IRC channel on freenode. We'll do our best to provide a timely and accurate answer.