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The workflow of the autoinstallation is customized via the control file like it is in the installation mode but the principal steps are not exactly the same, and also while in a normal installation the Second Stage is not needed, in autoinstallation the installation proccess is divided in two and in the Second Stage is where and when the system configuration is really done.

There are two ways to give a profile to AutoYaST, with (autoyast or with autoyast2 parameters), the principal difference is that autoyast leaves the fetching of the profile to YaST wich which means Linuxrc does not need to configure the network, while for autoyast Linuxrc fetches the profile and may need to configure the network.

The current steps that involve network configuration are:

  • Linuxrc
  • First Stage
    • autoinit
    • autosetup
    • finish
      • network_finish
        • save_network
  • Second Stage
    • autoconfigure


The network configuration is basically the same as for the installation, but in case that autoyast2 is used then it will fetch and parse the linuxrc options given in the profile and for that as commented previously will configure the network if needed.

First Stage


Autoinit will call iSCSI or FCOE clients if they are enabled in Linuxrc and will try to fetch and process the profile.


This client basically will read the networking section in the general one, and also will check if network requires manual configuration having an entry in the semi-automatic section.

It will write the network configuration only if either setup_before_proposal or semi-automatic network configuration has been defined in the profile.


This client will perform various steps, calling other clients to save the final configuration which related to networking area:

  • network_finish
    • save_network


This client calls save_network which copies udev rules and ifcfg files from the running system which should be the linuxrc config and not the profile network configuration.

Take in account that the copying of the ifcfg files will be done only if keep_install_network has not been set to false, being true the default value. More details and examples here.

In case that we need to use the network configuration declared in the profile duing the SecondStage then setup_before_proposal has to be set to true to configure it as commented in the autosetup section.

The save_network method, is also responsible for writing several proposals like virtualization, dns and network service.


Second Stage

The SecondStage, also known as continue in the control file, is basically the stage where the configuration should be definitively written.


This client will read the desktop configuration files of all the installed modules and will parse the section as well will launch the corresponding client based on what was defined in the file.

Concerning to networking the most important one is the lan.desktop file which defines the networking profile's resource to be parsed and as it does not define a specific client to be called it will use the default value lan_auto.

And finally lan_auto will write our network config.

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