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Network Module Features

Network Services

  • wicked
  • Network Manager
  • no network service
  • still support old netconfig ( but no guarantee )


  • enable/disable it

DHCP Client Options

  • Set hostname which is sent back to the DHCP server
  • set machine identifier for asking DHCP
  • allow to set specific option for hostname to send for dhcpd client ( how often it is used? )


  • set hostname and domain, combining them into FQDN writing into /etc/hostname
  • change hostname with dhcp
  • assign hostname to local IP ( so own hostname is always resolvable )
  • modify /etc/resolv.conf, have it managed automatically or modify it manually with selected values


  • allow to assign default gateway for IPv4 and IPv6 and also assign via which device it can be reached
  • allow to enable IPv4 and IPv6 forwarding
  • allow manual editing of routing table


  • allow to use no setup (for bondings and iBFT), DHCP or static ( with IP, hostname, mask )
  • manage udev names, allowing renaming of devices when needed
  • blinking of device via ethtool for easier device identification
  • allow to add additional IPs to device
  • supported devices: eth, wlan, token ring, infiniband, tun, tap, bridge,vlan, bond, arcnet, bluetooth, dummy, fddi, usb, myrinet (usb and bluetooth looks strange )
  • for eth and token ring - allow to specify kernel module needed for device, if it is pcmci or usb and ethtool options
  • for each device it can be specified when to activate it, ifplugd priority, firewall zone, and MTU
  • for bridge it allows to specify any physical devices ( so e.g. tap and tun are filtered out )
  • for bonding it allows to specify over which device it is bonding
  • for wireless it allows to configure mode of operation, encryption, essid of network and so on
  • for infiniband it allows to set IPoIB connected x datagram

s390 Devices

  • allow layer 2 and 3 devices
  • support channel IDs for devices
  • allow layer 2 devices to be bonded
  • recognized types - qeth, lcs, ctc, iucv
  • allow to set logical link address for layer 2 qeth devices

Firewall Parts

  • stage1 proposal + write it down ( firewall enable/disable, sshd enable/disable, ssh port open/close, vnc enable/disable)
  • assign network device to firewall zone

Network Storage Devices

  • ability to check what device is on mount point and if device is network one

Shared Features ( in yast2 )

  • Internet test
  • Firewall CWM widgets
  • Bind9 YaPI interface
  • mapping of port numbers and their aliases by IANA
  • port ranges support ( well, it looks like object in ycp way )
  • firewall part support susefirewall and also firewalld