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# -*- makefile -*- Automake include file
# $Id$
# Builds source documentation for YCP sources
# Uses ycpdoc
# AUTODOCS_YCP: Files that the ycp autodocs is built from
# Optional - the default is $(srcdir)/../../src/*.ycp
# AUTODOCS_PM: Files that the perl autodocs is built from
# Optional - the default is $(srcdir)/../../src/*.pm
# AUTODOCS_RB: Files that the ruby autodocs is built from (using yard)
# Optional - the default is $(srcdir)/../../src/modules/*.rb) $(srcdir)/../../src/include/*/*.rb
# AUTODOCS_SUBDIR: To install the result to $(docdir)/SUBDIR/autodocs
# Optional - the default is no subdir, $(docdir)/autodocs
# AUTODOCS_STRIP: Strip it from filenames. The remaining / are replaced by __
# Optional - the default is $(srcdir)/../../src
htmldir = $(docdir)/$(AUTODOCS_SUBDIR)/autodocs
# find all files in Yast/ subdirectory if it exists
YARD_YAST_FILES = $(shell test -d Yast && find Yast -type f)
# use nobase_ prefix to keep the directory structure
nobase_html_DATA = index.html $(filter-out index.html, $(wildcard *.html)) $(wildcard js/*) $(wildcard css/*) $(YARD_YAST_FILES)
CLEANFILES = $(nobase_html_DATA) pod2htm*.tmp
AUTODOCS_YCP ?= $(wildcard $(srcdir)/../../src/*.ycp)
AUTODOCS_PM ?= $(wildcard $(srcdir)/../../src/*.pm)
AUTODOCS_RB ?= $(wildcard $(srcdir)/../../src/modules/*.rb $(srcdir)/../../src/include/*/*.rb)
AUTODOCS_STRIP ?= $(srcdir)/../../src
# yard specific options
YARD ?= yard
# use markdown format by default
YARD_OPTIONS ?= -o . -m markdown
# yard specific clean
rm -rf js css Yast .yardoc
#including *.pm, for the index
if [ -n "$(AUTODOCS_YCP)" ]; then ${YCPDOC} -d. -s$(AUTODOCS_STRIP) $(AUTODOCS_YCP); fi
for i in $(AUTODOCS_PM); do \
b=$${i##$(AUTODOCS_STRIP)}; b=$${b#/}; b=$${b//\//__}; b=$${}; \
pod2html --title=$$b --infile=$$i --outfile=$$b.html; \
echo "<a href='$$b.html'>$${b/__/::}</a>" > $$b.mod.html; \
if [ -n "$(AUTODOCS_RB)" ]; then $(YARD) doc --title "@RPMNAME@ -- Development Documentation" $(YARD_OPTIONS) $(AUTODOCS_RB); fi
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