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YaST - Sudo Configuration

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The intention of this module is to provide a User Interface for configuring sudo.

Known Limitations

  • It uses a handcrafter Perl parser that has some limitations, especially when it comes to deal with new sudo features or complex configuration. Alternatives like Augeas lenses are more up-to-date. For specific limitations see below.
  • Support for @include and @includedir directive is limited. It just shows them in rules section, but nothing more. Also duplicated alias detection does not work across included files.
  • sudo configuration does not support multitags in rules, which leads to refuse to work with error message.
  • sudo configuration does not support command specific tags in rules, which leads to refuse to work with error message.
  • The module does not allow to see/edit the global configuration of sudo (key Defaults).
  • No support for commands digest feature. If found then it refuses to work.
  • It can only work with /etc/sudoers.