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Latest commit 16fe8f6 Mar 24, 2017 @lslezak lslezak committed on GitHub Download addons installation.xml from RPM package (#559)
* PoC: Fetching installation.xml from rpm-md repo

* Use the shared code for extracting the package

* Small code cleanup

* Added tests

* DRY the tests

* Rubocop fixes

* Better regexp test

* Missing requires

* Yardoc comments

* Comments

* Better test descriptions

* Handle package downloading or extraction errors


* Cache the download directory

* Test placeholders

* Added tests for #addon_control_dir

* Enable a test

* Rubocop fix

* Changes

- 3.2.22

* Code review improvements

YaST - The Basic Libraries

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This repository contains basic set of shared libraries and so-called SCR agents used for reading and writing configuration files and some even for executing commands on the system.

Provided Functionality

See the generated yardoc documentation at

It contains some general overview of yast2 parts:

Getting the Sources

To get the source code, clone the GitHub repository:

$ git clone

If you want to contribute into the project you can fork the repository and clone your fork.


This module is developed as part of YaST. See the development documentation.


If you have any question, feel free to ask at the development mailing list or at the #yast IRC channel on freenode.