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Visual Studio Coverage Converter
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Coverage Converter

Coverage file(.coverage) that is output after running the MsTest
I converted to XML file format.
When you convert to the Emma coverage report file format file in Jenkins
I find it useful to use.

Operating environment

  • .NET Framework 4.5
  • Coverage file output by vstest.console.exe or VisualStudio 2012 or later
    ※It will not work with coverage files output from MSTest.exe or VisualStudio 2010 or earlier.

Command line arguments

argument description
/in:[ file path or file pattern ] specify the file path or file pattern to be input.
example:/in:data.coverage or /in:TestResult\*.coverage
/out:[ file path ] specify the file path of the output target.
/symbols:[ directory ] specifies the directory where the debug symbols are located.
/exedir:[ directory ] specifies the directory where the executable file to be retrieved coverage is located.
/xsl:[ file path ] If you want to convert the output XML, I want to specify the file format of XSL.


Input file:data.coverage
Output file:data.xml

CoverageConverter.exe /in:data.coverage /out:data.xml

Emma format transform.

Download from the following MSTestCoverageToEmma.xsl.

CoverageConverter.exe /in:data.coverage /out:data.xml /xsl:MSTestCoverageToEmma.xsl

Use of coverage file outputted from MSTest.exe or VisualStudio 2010 or earlier

Please use the following file.

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