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Find file Copy path
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from typing import Dict
import logging
import os.path as osp
from pathlib import Path
import tarfile
from itertools import chain
from overrides import overrides
from allennlp.common.file_utils import cached_path
from import DatasetReader
from import LabelField, TextField, Field
from import Instance
from import TokenIndexer, SingleIdTokenIndexer
from import Tokenizer, WordTokenizer
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class ImdbDatasetReader(DatasetReader):
TAR_URL = ''
TRAIN_DIR = 'aclImdb/train'
TEST_DIR = 'aclImdb/test'
def __init__(self,
token_indexers: Dict[str, TokenIndexer] = None,
tokenizer: Tokenizer = None,
lazy: bool = False) -> None:
self._tokenizer = tokenizer or WordTokenizer()
self._token_indexers = token_indexers or {'tokens': SingleIdTokenIndexer()}
def _read(self, file_path):
tar_path = cached_path(self.TAR_URL)
tf =, 'r')
cache_dir = Path(osp.dirname(tar_path))
if not (cache_dir / self.TRAIN_DIR).exists() and not (cache_dir / self.TEST_DIR).exists():
if file_path == 'train':
pos_dir = osp.join(self.TRAIN_DIR, 'pos')
neg_dir = osp.join(self.TRAIN_DIR, 'neg')
elif file_path == 'test':
pos_dir = osp.join(self.TEST_DIR, 'pos')
neg_dir = osp.join(self.TEST_DIR, 'neg')
raise ValueError(f"only 'train' and 'test' are valid for 'file_path', but '{file_path}' is given.")
path = chain(Path(cache_dir.joinpath(pos_dir)).glob('*.txt'),
for p in path:
yield self.text_to_instance(p.read_text(), 0 if 'pos' in str(p) else 1)
def text_to_instance(self, string: str, label: int) -> Instance:
fields: Dict[str, Field] = {}
tokens = self._tokenizer.tokenize(string)
fields['tokens'] = TextField(tokens, self._token_indexers)
fields['label'] = LabelField(label, skip_indexing=True)
return Instance(fields)
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