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from typing import Dict
import torch
import torch.nn as nn
import torch.nn.functional as F
from import Vocabulary
from allennlp.models import Model
from allennlp.modules import Seq2VecEncoder, TextFieldEmbedder
from allennlp.nn import InitializerApplicator
from allennlp.nn.util import get_text_field_mask
from import CategoricalAccuracy
class RnnClassifier(Model):
def __init__(self,
vocab: Vocabulary,
text_field_embedder: TextFieldEmbedder,
seq2vec_encoder: Seq2VecEncoder,
dropout: float = 0.,
label_namespace: str = 'label',
initializer: InitializerApplicator = InitializerApplicator()) -> None:
self._text_field_embedder = text_field_embedder
self._seq2vec_encoder = seq2vec_encoder
self._classifier_input_dim = self._seq2vec_encoder.get_output_dim()
if dropout:
self._dropout = nn.Dropout(dropout)
self._dropout = lambda x: x
self._num_labels = vocab.get_vocab_size(namespace=label_namespace)
self._classification_layer = nn.Linear(self._classifier_input_dim, self._num_labels)
self._accuracy = CategoricalAccuracy()
self._loss = nn.CrossEntropyLoss()
def forward(self,
tokens: Dict[str, torch.LongTensor],
label: torch.IntTensor = None) -> Dict[str, torch.Tensor]:
embedded_text = self._text_field_embedder(tokens)
mask = get_text_field_mask(tokens).float()
encoded_text = self._dropout(self._seq2vec_encoder(embedded_text, mask=mask))
logits = self._classification_layer(encoded_text)
probs = F.softmax(logits, dim=1)
output_dict = {'logits': logits, 'probs': probs}
if label is not None:
loss = self._loss(logits, label.long().view(-1))
output_dict['loss'] = loss
self._accuracy(logits, label)
return output_dict
def get_metrics(self, reset: bool = False) -> Dict[str, float]:
return {'accuracy': self._accuracy.get_metric(reset)}
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