Gather tweets including 'search_term' on Twitter, and re-tweet it. This bot runs on Google App Engine. The following twitter account shows a sample bot run on Google App Engine.
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This bot runs in the following ways.

  1. Search tweets using search_term in Twitter.

  2. Re-tweet the tweets.

In this example, search_term is Cafe Miyama, and you can see how it behaves by checking the following account.

How to setup

  1. Register your OAuth client on Twitter URL: NOTE: You MUST change permission settings to Read & Write if you wanna update via API. The default is Read Only.

  2. Run python and use CONSUMER_KEY and CONSUMER_SECRET you got from the registeration. NOTE: Make sure you are now signing in Twitter as your Bot account when visiting a given URL.

  3. Change setting variables (CONSUMER_KEY and CONSUMER_SECRET) in to the given ones.

  4. Run Google App Engine dev_server and visit the following URL URL: http://localhost:8080/cron/update

    • If you finish all of your setting, set debug_flag in off.
  5. Done!

Enjoy developing your own twitter bot!