auto-complete sources for emmet-mode's snippets
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auto-complete sources for emmet-mode's snippets



First, ensure auto-complete and emmet-mode are installed: I recommend using packages from Melpa.

You'll need both auto-complete and emmet-mode to be enabled and working, so please consult the corresponding documentation is you have any trouble with this.

Next, installac-emmet. If you choose not to use the convenient package in Melpa, you'll need to add the directory containing ac-emmet.el to your load-path, and then (require 'ac-emmet).

ac-emmet provides an emmet-specific completion source, so auto-complete needs to be told to use them when ac-emmet is active. To do this, put the following code in your emacs init file to

 (require 'ac-emmet) ;; Not necessary if using ELPA package
 (add-hook 'sgml-mode-hook 'ac-emmet-html-setup)
 (add-hook 'css-mode-hook 'ac-emmet-css-setup)


ac-emmet should now automatically be enabled when you visit a buffer in which emmet-mode is active and auto-complete is enabled. (The symbols "Emmet and "AC" should appear in the modeline.)