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Minimum theme for Textpattern
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Minimum theme for Textpattern CMS. See a working demo here.

A huge thank you goes to Amit Varia, who inspired this theme as well as Phil Wareham, who added a great deal of magic touch.

Minimum enables you to publish your writings, but it does not allow you to:

  • use comments
  • use categories, sections, or even tags
  • use article images (technically you can use images inside articles, just no article image)
  • include a contact form
  • hook up to social networks or have sharing buttons
  • show off a massive link collection

Minimum is a theme that lets you write. It embraces the golden ratio. What else would you need?


Getting up and running is a breeze. Minimum is guaranteed to work on Textpattern 4.5.4. All you need is grab a copy of cxc_templates, install it and copy the minimum theme folder content to your tpl directory.

It would also be a advisable to set the advanced preference ‘Prevent widowed words in article titles?’ to ‘No’, otherwise long title wording could potentially spill out of your responsive page on narrow screen widths.

In order to make the most of your shiny new slide-out drawer (introduced in version 1.2) you should do the following:

  1. Create a new section called about (the actual title may vary, just make sure name is about)
  2. Create a new article with an excerpt about yourself, and publish it in the about section
  3. You can also assign an optional article image to the about article – dimensions are 64×64 pixels (if you wish to have a HiDPI image then load it into Textpattern at 128×128 pixels, it will be scaled down accordingly). It will only be displayed in the slide-out drawer!
  4. Create a new link category called social-media
  5. Create as many links as you like ad assign them to the category social-media
  6. If you wish, you can also directly edit the content of the form minimum_drawer to suit your own needs

More Information

Have a look at for some more information about the theme.

PS: Since Minimum is so limited in what it does, changing most preference settings does not have much of an effect. It is, however, suggested that you have nice URLs (/article should be just fine) and disable the comments.

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