Totem video player plugin that restores position in the last played file
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Remember Last Position Totem Plugin

Totem video player plugin that starts a video at the location you paused it last time it played. It also supports automatically continue to play the last video when Totem starts.


Create a plugin folder in ~/.local/share/totem/plugins/<plugin-folder>, and put all the plugin files there:


Then start Totem and enable "Remember last position" plugin in Plugins view.

How it works

On video playback, it stores the file path of the current video, and its current time offset in remember-last-position.pydata at the plugin folder.

After opening the same file, its location will be restored.

If load-on-start feature is enabled (disabled by default), on Totem start it will waits 5 seconds (default), and then opens the last played file and restores its video location.

CAUTION! Not tested on web-sources


It is possible to tune the plugin parameters via remember-last-position.conf file:

  • load-on-start: Explained above (true, false).
  • load-on-start-delay: The time to wait for the video to start (seconds).
  • history-length: How many files will be stored (integer).
  • update-interval: Update the video position on interval (seconds).

Special Thanks:

Thanks to Asanka's Weblog for quick start: