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# (c) Copyright Levent Erkok. All rights reserved.
# The sbv library is distributed with the BSD3 license. See the LICENSE file
# in the distribution for details.
SHELL := /usr/bin/env bash
TSTSRCS = $(shell find . -name '*.hs' -or -name '*.lhs' | grep -v SBVUnitTest/SBVUnitTest.hs | grep -v SBVUnitTest/SBVBasicTests.hs | grep -v buildUtils/simplify.hs)
STAMPFILE = SBVUnitTest/SBVUnitTestBuildTime.hs
DEPSRCS = $(shell find . -name '*.hs' -or -name '*.lhs' -or -name '*.cabal' | grep -v Paths_sbv.hs | grep -v $(STAMPFILE))
CABAL = cabal
SIMPLIFY = ./buildUtils/simplify
TIME = /usr/bin/time
define mkStamp
@echo "-- Auto-generated, don't edit" > ${STAMPFILE}
@echo "module SBVUnitTestBuildTime (buildTime) where" >> ${STAMPFILE}
@echo "" >> ${STAMPFILE}
@echo "buildTime :: String" >> ${STAMPFILE}
@echo "buildTime = \"$(shell date)\"" >> ${STAMPFILE}
define mkTags
@find . -name \*.\*hs | xargs fast-tags
.PHONY: all install test sdist clean docs gold stamp hlint tags
all: install
install: $(STAMPFILE)
@-ghc-pkg unregister --force sbv
@(make -s -C buildUtils)
$(call mkStamp)
$(call mkTags)
@$(CABAL) configure --disable-library-profiling --enable-tests
@((set -o pipefail; $(CABAL) build --ghc-options="-Werror -Wall" 2>&1 | $(SIMPLIFY)) || (rm $(STAMPFILE) && false))
@$(CABAL) copy
@$(CABAL) register
test: install
@echo "*** Starting inline tests.."
@(set -o pipefail; $(TIME) doctest ${TSTSRCS} 2>&1)
@echo "*** Starting external test suite.."
@$(TIME) dist/build/SBVUnitTests/SBVUnitTests -s
@echo "*** Starting internal cabal test suite.."
@SBV_Z3=doesnotexist $(TIME) $(CABAL) test
@cat dist/test/sbv*SBVBasicTests.log
sdist: install
@(set -o pipefail; $(CABAL) sdist | $(SIMPLIFY))
veryclean: clean
@make -C buildUtils clean
@-ghc-pkg unregister sbv
@rm -rf dist $(STAMPFILE)
@(set -o pipefail; $(CABAL) haddock --haddock-option=--no-warnings --hyperlink-source 2>&1 | $(SIMPLIFY))
release: clean install sdist hlint test docs
@echo "*** SBV is ready for release!"
# use this as follows: make gold TGTS="cgUSB5"
# where the tag is one (or many) given in the SBVUnitTest.hs file
# if TGTS is not specified, then all gold files are regenerated
gold: install
dist/build/SBVUnitTests/SBVUnitTests -c ${TGTS}
hlint: install
@echo "Running HLint.."
@hlint Data SBVUnitTest -q -rhlintReport.html -i "Use otherwise" -i "Parse error" -i "Use fewer imports"
$(call mkTags)