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BrowserBlast is a lightweight and fully customisable jQuery plugin to display a warning for users of IE7 and below to let them know their browser isn’t supported anymore.




How to use

Include the jquery.browserBlast.min.js file in your document and place the following into the head of your document to initiate the plugin. Make sure you've also included jQuery.

$(function () {
        // Settings here


Option Default Usage
devMode 'false' Set true to display banner on all browsers
supportedIE '8' Set which version of IE you support
customCSS false Set true to use custom CSS
fixed true Set false to toggle fixed or non-fixed banner
linkColor '#56a119' Set link color
linkHover '#333' Set link hover color
linkUnderline 'true' Use false for no underline
bannerHeight '40' Banner height in px
background '#FAF4AF' Background colour of the bar
textColor '#333' Text color
fontSize '12px' Font size of the message
fontFamily 'sans-serif' sans / sans-serif, or define a css font-stack
borderSize '2' Border size in px
borderStyle 'solid' Style of the border, solid, dotted, dashed
borderColor '#D4C790' Color of the border
warningID 'unsupported' Set the selector ID for the banner

Custom message

You can set a custom message with the message option to overide the default message:

message: "Stop using IE!"


If you have any issues, feedback or suggestions, please send an email to hello[at] or find me on Twitter @markgdyr.

Version history

  • 1.0.0 - Initial release
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