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* dvbdevice.h: The DVB device tuner interface
* See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and
* how to reach the author.
* $Id: dvbdevice.h 3.5 2014/03/16 10:38:31 kls Exp $
#ifndef __DVBDEVICE_H
#define __DVBDEVICE_H
#include <linux/dvb/frontend.h>
#include <linux/dvb/version.h>
#include "device.h"
#if DVBAPIVERSION < 0x0500
#error VDR requires Linux DVB driver API version 5.0 or higher!
// --- Definitions for older DVB API versions --------------------------------
#if DVBAPIVERSION < 0x0501
enum {
FE_CAN_2G_MODULATION = 0x10000000,
enum {
#if DVBAPIVERSION < 0x0502
enum {
FE_CAN_TURBO_FEC = 0x8000000,
#if DVBAPIVERSION < 0x0503
enum {
enum {
enum {
#if DVBAPIVERSION < 0x0505
#define DTV_ENUM_DELSYS 44
#if DVBAPIVERSION < 0x0508
enum {
#define DTV_STREAM_ID 42
// --- End of definitions for older DVB API versions -------------------------
#define DEV_VIDEO "/dev/video"
#define DEV_DVB_BASE "/dev/dvb"
#define DEV_DVB_ADAPTER "adapter"
#define DEV_DVB_OSD "osd"
#define DEV_DVB_FRONTEND "frontend"
#define DEV_DVB_DVR "dvr"
#define DEV_DVB_DEMUX "demux"
#define DEV_DVB_VIDEO "video"
#define DEV_DVB_AUDIO "audio"
#define DEV_DVB_CA "ca"
struct tDvbParameterMap {
int userValue;
int driverValue;
const char *userString;
const char *MapToUserString(int Value, const tDvbParameterMap *Map);
int MapToUser(int Value, const tDvbParameterMap *Map, const char **String = NULL);
int MapToDriver(int Value, const tDvbParameterMap *Map);
int UserIndex(int Value, const tDvbParameterMap *Map);
int DriverIndex(int Value, const tDvbParameterMap *Map);
extern const tDvbParameterMap PilotValues[];
extern const tDvbParameterMap InversionValues[];
extern const tDvbParameterMap BandwidthValues[];
extern const tDvbParameterMap CoderateValues[];
extern const tDvbParameterMap ModulationValues[];
extern const tDvbParameterMap SystemValuesSat[];
extern const tDvbParameterMap SystemValuesTerr[];
extern const tDvbParameterMap TransmissionValues[];
extern const tDvbParameterMap GuardValues[];
extern const tDvbParameterMap HierarchyValues[];
extern const tDvbParameterMap RollOffValues[];
class cDvbTransponderParameters {
friend class cDvbSourceParam;
char polarization;
int inversion;
int bandwidth;
int coderateH;
int coderateL;
int modulation;
int system;
int transmission;
int guard;
int hierarchy;
int rollOff;
int streamId;
int t2systemId;
int sisoMiso;
int pilot;
int PrintParameter(char *p, char Name, int Value) const;
const char *ParseParameter(const char *s, int &Value, const tDvbParameterMap *Map = NULL);
cDvbTransponderParameters(const char *Parameters = NULL);
char Polarization(void) const { return polarization; }
int Inversion(void) const { return inversion; }
int Bandwidth(void) const { return bandwidth; }
int CoderateH(void) const { return coderateH; }
int CoderateL(void) const { return coderateL; }
int Modulation(void) const { return modulation; }
int System(void) const { return system; }
int Transmission(void) const { return transmission; }
int Guard(void) const { return guard; }
int Hierarchy(void) const { return hierarchy; }
int RollOff(void) const { return rollOff; }
int StreamId(void) const { return streamId; }
int T2SystemId(void) const { return t2systemId; }
int SisoMiso(void) const { return sisoMiso; }
int Pilot(void) const { return pilot; }
void SetPolarization(char Polarization) { polarization = Polarization; }
void SetInversion(int Inversion) { inversion = Inversion; }
void SetBandwidth(int Bandwidth) { bandwidth = Bandwidth; }
void SetCoderateH(int CoderateH) { coderateH = CoderateH; }
void SetCoderateL(int CoderateL) { coderateL = CoderateL; }
void SetModulation(int Modulation) { modulation = Modulation; }
void SetSystem(int System) { system = System; }
void SetTransmission(int Transmission) { transmission = Transmission; }
void SetGuard(int Guard) { guard = Guard; }
void SetHierarchy(int Hierarchy) { hierarchy = Hierarchy; }
void SetRollOff(int RollOff) { rollOff = RollOff; }
void SetStreamId(int StreamId) { streamId = StreamId; }
void SetT2SystemId(int T2SystemId) { t2systemId = T2SystemId; }
void SetSisoMiso(int SisoMiso) { sisoMiso = SisoMiso; }
void SetPilot(int Pilot) { pilot = Pilot; }
cString ToString(char Type) const;
bool Parse(const char *s);
class cDvbTuner;
/// The cDvbDevice implements a DVB device which can be accessed through the Linux DVB driver API.
class cDvbDevice : public cDevice {
static cString DvbName(const char *Name, int Adapter, int Frontend);
static int DvbOpen(const char *Name, int Adapter, int Frontend, int Mode, bool ReportError = false);
static bool Exists(int Adapter, int Frontend);
///< Checks whether the given adapter/frontend exists.
static bool Probe(int Adapter, int Frontend);
///< Probes for existing DVB devices.
static bool Initialize(void);
///< Initializes the DVB devices.
///< Must be called before accessing any DVB functions.
///< Returns true if any devices are available.
int adapter, frontend;
dvb_frontend_info frontendInfo;
int deliverySystems[MAXDELIVERYSYSTEMS];
int numDeliverySystems;
int numModulations;
int fd_dvr, fd_ca;
static cMutex bondMutex;
cDvbDevice *bondedDevice;
mutable bool needsDetachBondedReceivers;
bool QueryDeliverySystems(int fd_frontend);
cDvbDevice(int Adapter, int Frontend);
virtual ~cDvbDevice();
int Adapter(void) const { return adapter; }
int Frontend(void) const { return frontend; }
virtual cString DeviceType(void) const;
virtual cString DeviceName(void) const;
static bool BondDevices(const char *Bondings);
///< Bonds the devices as defined in the given Bondings string.
///< A bonding is a sequence of device numbers (starting at 1),
///< separated by '+' characters. Several bondings are separated by
///< commas, as in "1+2,3+4+5".
///< Returns false if an error occurred.
static void UnBondDevices(void);
///< Unbonds all devices.
bool Bond(cDvbDevice *Device);
///< Bonds this device with the given Device, making both of them use
///< the same satellite cable and LNB. Only DVB-S(2) devices can be
///< bonded. When this function is called, the calling device must
///< not be bonded to any other device. The given Device, however,
///< may already be bonded to an other device. That way several devices
///< can be bonded together.
///< Returns true if the bonding was successful.
void UnBond(void);
///< Removes this device from any bonding it might have with other
///< devices. If this device is not bonded with any other device,
///< nothing happens.
bool BondingOk(const cChannel *Channel, bool ConsiderOccupied = false) const;
///< Returns true if this device is either not bonded to any other
///< device, or the given Channel is on the same satellite, polarization
///< and band as those the bonded devices are tuned to (if any).
///< If ConsiderOccupied is true, any bonded devices that are currently
///< occupied but not otherwise receiving will cause this function to
///< return false.
// Common Interface facilities:
cCiAdapter *ciAdapter;
// Channel facilities
cDvbTuner *dvbTuner;
virtual bool ProvidesDeliverySystem(int DeliverySystem) const;
virtual bool ProvidesSource(int Source) const;
virtual bool ProvidesTransponder(const cChannel *Channel) const;
virtual bool ProvidesChannel(const cChannel *Channel, int Priority = IDLEPRIORITY, bool *NeedsDetachReceivers = NULL) const;
virtual bool ProvidesEIT(void) const;
virtual int NumProvidedSystems(void) const;
virtual const cPositioner *Positioner(void) const;
virtual int SignalStrength(void) const;
virtual int SignalQuality(void) const;
virtual const cChannel *GetCurrentlyTunedTransponder(void) const;
virtual bool IsTunedToTransponder(const cChannel *Channel) const;
virtual bool MaySwitchTransponder(const cChannel *Channel) const;
virtual bool SetChannelDevice(const cChannel *Channel, bool LiveView);
virtual bool HasLock(int TimeoutMs = 0) const;
// PID handle facilities
virtual bool SetPid(cPidHandle *Handle, int Type, bool On);
// Section filter facilities
virtual int OpenFilter(u_short Pid, u_char Tid, u_char Mask);
virtual void CloseFilter(int Handle);
// Common Interface facilities:
virtual bool HasCi(void);
// Audio facilities
static int setTransferModeForDolbyDigital;
static void SetTransferModeForDolbyDigital(int Mode); // needs to be here for backwards compatibility
///< Controls how the DVB device handles Transfer Mode when replaying
///< Dolby Digital audio.
///< 0 = don't set "audio bypass" in driver/firmware, don't force Transfer Mode
///< 1 = set "audio bypass" in driver/firmware, force Transfer Mode (default)
///< 2 = don't set "audio bypass" in driver/firmware, force Transfer Mode
// Receiver facilities
cTSBuffer *tsBuffer;
virtual bool OpenDvr(void);
virtual void CloseDvr(void);
virtual bool GetTSPacket(uchar *&Data);
virtual void DetachAllReceivers(void);
// A plugin that implements a DVB device derived from cDvbDevice needs to create
// a cDvbDeviceProbe derived object on the heap in order to have its Probe()
// function called, where it can actually create the appropriate device.
// The cDvbDeviceProbe object must be created in the plugin's constructor,
// and deleted in its destructor.
class cDvbDeviceProbe : public cListObject {
virtual ~cDvbDeviceProbe();
static uint32_t GetSubsystemId(int Adapter, int Frontend);
virtual bool Probe(int Adapter, int Frontend) = 0;
///< Probes for a DVB device at the given Adapter and creates the appropriate
///< object derived from cDvbDevice if applicable.
///< Returns true if a device has been created.
extern cList<cDvbDeviceProbe> DvbDeviceProbes;
#endif //__DVBDEVICE_H