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* dvbsubtitle.h: DVB subtitles
* See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and
* how to reach the author.
* Original author: Marco Schluessler <>
* $Id: dvbsubtitle.h 3.2 2015/01/14 10:01:48 kls Exp $
#include "osd.h"
#include "thread.h"
#include "tools.h"
class cDvbSubtitlePage;
class cDvbSubtitleAssembler; // for legacy PES recordings
class cDvbSubtitleBitmaps;
class cDvbSubtitleConverter : public cThread {
static int setupLevel;
cDvbSubtitleAssembler *dvbSubtitleAssembler;
cOsd *osd;
bool frozen;
int ddsVersionNumber;
int displayWidth;
int displayHeight;
int windowHorizontalOffset;
int windowVerticalOffset;
int windowWidth;
int windowHeight;
int osdDeltaX;
int osdDeltaY;
double osdFactorX;
double osdFactorY;
cList<cDvbSubtitlePage> *pages;
cList<cDvbSubtitleBitmaps> *bitmaps;
cDvbSubtitlePage *GetPageById(int PageId, bool New = false);
void SetOsdData(void);
bool AssertOsd(void);
int ExtractSegment(const uchar *Data, int Length, int64_t Pts);
int ExtractPgsSegment(const uchar *Data, int Length, int64_t Pts);
void FinishPage(cDvbSubtitlePage *Page);
virtual ~cDvbSubtitleConverter();
void Action(void);
void Reset(void);
void Freeze(bool Status) { frozen = Status; }
int ConvertFragments(const uchar *Data, int Length); // for legacy PES recordings
int Convert(const uchar *Data, int Length);
static void SetupChanged(void);
#endif //__DVBSUBTITLE_H