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* shutdown.h: Handling of shutdown and inactivity
* See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and
* how to reach the author.
* Original version written by Udo Richter <>.
* $Id: shutdown.h 3.0 2013/02/18 10:35:27 kls Exp $
#ifndef __SHUTDOWN_H
#define __SHUTDOWN_H
#include <time.h>
class cCountdown {
time_t timeout; ///< 5-minute countdown timer
int counter; ///< last shown time in 10s units
bool timedOut; ///< countdown did run down to 0 and was not canceled
const char *message; ///< message to display, %s is placeholder for time
void Start(const char *Message, int Seconds);
///< Start the 5 minute shutdown warning countdown.
void Cancel(void);
///< Cancel the 5 minute shutdown warning countdown.
bool Done(void);
///< Check if countdown timer has run out without canceling.
operator bool(void) const { return timeout != 0; }
///< Check if countdown is running.
bool Update(void);
///< Update status display of the countdown.
///< Returns true on actual update.
class cShutdownHandler {
time_t activeTimeout;
///< Time when VDR will become non-interactive. 0 means never, 1 means unknown time ago.
time_t retry;
///< Time for retrying the shutdown.
char *shutdownCommand;
///< Command for shutting down VDR.
int exitCode;
///< Exit code, if VDR exit was requested, or -1 if not requested.
bool emergencyExitRequested;
///< The requested exit is an emergency exit.
cCountdown countdown;
void Exit(int ExitCode) { exitCode = ExitCode; }
///< Set VDR exit code and initiate end of VDR main loop.
///< This will exit VDR without any confirmation.
bool DoExit(void) { return exitCode >= 0; }
///< Check if an exit code was set, and VDR should exit.
int GetExitCode(void) { return exitCode >= 0 ? exitCode : 0; }
///< Get the currently set exit code of VDR.
bool EmergencyExitRequested(void) { return emergencyExitRequested; }
///< Returns true if an emergency exit was requested.
void RequestEmergencyExit(void);
///< Requests an emergency exit of the VDR main loop.
void CheckManualStart(int ManualStart);
///< Check whether the next timer is in ManualStart time window.
///< If yes, assume non-interactive use.
void SetShutdownCommand(const char *ShutdownCommand);
///< Set the command string for shutdown command.
void CallShutdownCommand(time_t WakeupTime, int Channel, const char *File, bool UserShutdown);
///< Call the shutdown command with the given parameters.
bool IsUserInactive(time_t AtTime = 0) { return activeTimeout && activeTimeout <= (AtTime ? AtTime : time(NULL)); }
///< Check whether VDR is in interactive mode or non-interactive mode (waiting for shutdown).
///< AtTime checks whether VDR will probably be inactive at that time.
time_t GetUserInactiveTime(void) { return activeTimeout; }
///< Time when user will become non-inactive, or 0 if never, 1 if a long time ago
void SetUserInactiveTimeout(int Seconds = -1, bool Force = false);
///< Set the time in the future when VDR will switch into non-interactive mode or power down.
///< Seconds >= 0 means that many seconds in the future.
///< Seconds = -1 means Setup.MinUserInactivity in the future.
///< Seconds = -2 means never.
///< Seconds = -3 means a long, unknown time ago.
///< Setup.MinUserInactivity = 0 will overrule this, unless Force = true is given.
///< If Setup.MinUserInactivity = 0 and Force = false, Seconds is ignored and VDR will
///< stay interactive forever (like Seconds = -2).
void SetUserInactive(void) { SetUserInactiveTimeout(0, true); }
///< Set VDR manually into non-interactive mode from now on.
bool Retry(time_t AtTime = 0) { return retry <= (AtTime ? AtTime : time(NULL)); }
///< Check whether its time to re-try the shutdown.
///< AtTime checks whether VDR will probably be inactive at that time.
time_t GetRetry(void) { return retry; }
///< Time when shutdown retry block ends.
void SetRetry(int Seconds) { retry = time(NULL) + Seconds; }
///< Set shutdown retry so that VDR will not try to automatically shut down
///< within Seconds.
bool ConfirmShutdown(bool Ask);
///< Check for background activity that blocks shutdown.
///< Returns immediately and without user interaction if Ask = false.
///< Asks for confirmation if Ask = true.
///< Returns true if ready for shutdown.
bool ConfirmRestart(bool Ask);
///< Check for background activity that blocks restart.
///< Returns immediately and without user interaction if Ask = false.
///< Asks for confirmation if Ask = true.
///< Returns true if ready for restart.
bool DoShutdown(bool Force);
///< Call the shutdown script with data of the next pending timer.
///< Fails if Force = false and a timer is running or within MinEventTimeout.
///< Always calls shutdown on Force = true.
///< Returns true on success.
extern cShutdownHandler ShutdownHandler;