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* svdrp.h: Simple Video Disk Recorder Protocol
* See the main source file 'vdr.c' for copyright information and
* how to reach the author.
* $Id: svdrp.h 3.2 2013/10/21 07:42:03 kls Exp $
#ifndef __SVDRP_H
#define __SVDRP_H
#include "recording.h"
#include "tools.h"
class cSocket {
int port;
int sock;
int queue;
void Close(void);
cSocket(int Port, int Queue = 1);
bool Open(void);
int Accept(void);
class cPUTEhandler {
FILE *f;
int status;
const char *message;
bool Process(const char *s);
int Status(void) { return status; }
const char *Message(void) { return message; }
class cSVDRP {
cSocket socket;
cFile file;
cRecordings recordings;
cPUTEhandler *PUTEhandler;
int numChars;
int length;
char *cmdLine;
time_t lastActivity;
static char *grabImageDir;
void Close(bool SendReply = false, bool Timeout = false);
bool Send(const char *s, int length = -1);
void Reply(int Code, const char *fmt, ...) __attribute__ ((format (printf, 3, 4)));
void PrintHelpTopics(const char **hp);
void CmdCHAN(const char *Option);
void CmdCLRE(const char *Option);
void CmdDELC(const char *Option);
void CmdDELR(const char *Option);
void CmdDELT(const char *Option);
void CmdEDIT(const char *Option);
void CmdGRAB(const char *Option);
void CmdHELP(const char *Option);
void CmdHITK(const char *Option);
void CmdLSTC(const char *Option);
void CmdLSTE(const char *Option);
void CmdLSTR(const char *Option);
void CmdLSTT(const char *Option);
void CmdMESG(const char *Option);
void CmdMODC(const char *Option);
void CmdMODT(const char *Option);
void CmdMOVC(const char *Option);
void CmdMOVR(const char *Option);
void CmdNEWC(const char *Option);
void CmdNEWT(const char *Option);
void CmdNEXT(const char *Option);
void CmdPLAY(const char *Option);
void CmdPLUG(const char *Option);
void CmdPUTE(const char *Option);
void CmdREMO(const char *Option);
void CmdSCAN(const char *Option);
void CmdSTAT(const char *Option);
void CmdUPDT(const char *Option);
void CmdUPDR(const char *Option);
void CmdVOLU(const char *Option);
void Execute(char *Cmd);
cSVDRP(int Port);
bool HasConnection(void) { return file.IsOpen(); }
bool Process(void);
static void SetGrabImageDir(const char *GrabImageDir);
#endif //__SVDRP_H