How to submit bug reports

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How to submit good bug reports

Almost all software is going to have a bug of some kind. As software developers we strive to write bug free code, but sometimes bad things happen to good people and a bug makes it into our code. YAVIJAVA is no exception here. It is going to have a bug here or there. One thing is for sure though: I want to fix the bug! For me to be able to do that I really need your help though. For me to be able to solve the problem as quickly as possible I need info from you the user.

Help Me Help You!

help me help you! As I mentioned above I need some help from you so I can fix the bug you found. What info could I possibly need? Here is a list of stuff that will help me:

What version of yavijava are you using

  • If you did not obtain the jar from maven central please let me know how you built it
  • If you are using code from GitHub be sure to include the commit hash that you are on when you built the jar

What version of JAVA are you using

  • Include if it is Oracle or OpenJDK
  • Are you using Groovy, or Scala or some other JVM language?
    • If so... Include that version info as well!

Include some sample code if possible

  • If you provide me a simple main class file I can compile and run to reproduce your problem.. Ill want to give you a hug Ill be so happy! This makes it incredibly easy for me to see and reproduce the problem very quickly or identify if its a problem in how you are using the lib.
  • If you cant include a functional sample you will need to provide the steps for me to take to reproduce your problem. Because of that I think it is just easier to provide the sample.
  • Samples should be very basic, and provide the LEAST amount of code possible to reproduce the bug.

Include a stacktrace if you have one

  • Include the whole thing here, dont leave any of it out
    • If it contains sensitive info please do scrub that out

Include any logs if possible.

  • To get VERY verbose logs enable trace for com.vmware
  • Be sure to scrub the passwords or other info you dont want to share from these logs before posting them
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