code generator to help produce as much of yavijava as possible based off of the html docs
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A code generator written in Groovy using jsoup to parse the HTML documentation provided by VMWare that is used to generate code for yavjava.


Much of the code in yavijava is a wrapper around a pretty well documented SOAP API. I got sick of making the DataObject classes because it was a major exercise in copy and paste with getters and setters. Very boring!


Using jsoup we parse the HTML file to find the embedded WSDL snippet for a given DataObject. Next using the XMLSlurper in Groovy we parse the WSDL and generate a Java class with the info found.


Tests can be found in the src/test package. If you submit a pull request your pull request should have a test where applicable or the pull request will not be merged. Please make sure to run the tests before you submit a pull request to make sure your change did not break the tests.

To run the tests execute:

./gradlew test

Current Status

The application is currently Beta use with caution. It has been tested with vSphere 6.0


./gradelw fatJar
java -jar build/libs/yavijava_generator-1.0.jar --dest /Users/errr/temp/ --source /Users/errr/programs/java/ --type dataobj --all

This would build a jar containing all deps needed to run the app.

--dest is the output directory where generated code will be placed
--source is the path to the dataobjects file
--type is the type of file to generate. Valid values are one of dataobj, fault, enum
--all sets a flag to generate all data objects found on the source html page. That means new and existing with new properties


This application is released under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license. A license file is included.

Build System

This application uses Gradle for the build system. You do not need to install Gradle to use it. All you need is a JDK. I include the Gradle Wrapper so everything is included by downloading the repo. To build the source code on Linux or Mac OSX:

./gradlew fatJar

On Windows please use the gradlew.bat file.


Report them on the GitHub issue tracker.