Sketch for an AMQP Spring-integration using the RabbitMQ API
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A very raw sketch for a possible AMQP-Spring integration.

What it does do atm.?

  • Provides connection and channel factory abstractions
  • Provides classes for exchanges, queues, bindings (many bindings wrapped in one binding class actually), messages and subscriptions (the latter two are very raw currently)
  • A custom namespace for components (exchanges, queues, bindings)
  • A few preconfigured components like reply queues or the default exchange

What is planned for it?

  • Refreshable channels and connection (that is – they can re-establish a connection to a message broker if the connection fails
  • Autowiring of all channel requiring components if only one connection is detected in the application context
  • Better abstractions for producers and consumers
  • Sensible exceptions
  • Stuff