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Blackledge Infocards

This is a website built using the website builder project. It was designed by the Yax team for Peter Blackledge, the first subscriber to the Yax Tutorials.

The website is styled with the Basic.css stylesheet by Vladimir Carrer. No CSS classes are needed; styles are applied using only HTML5 tags.


The website has a home page, about page, and an unlimited number of content pages.

Editing content

This template doesn't use an on-page editor. Instead, you can edit the files directly on GitHub. Click a filename and look for the "Edit this file" pen icon. After committing your changes (which saves the file), your website will automatically update (if you are editing files created in a repo that was previously deployed to Netlify, Vercel, or

Markdown files

Content for each page comes from Markdown files. Markdown is well-suited for content and easier to edit than HTML. The name of each Markdown file matches the HTML file for each page (so the about.html page gets content from an file). The home page gets content from two Markdown files, and for intro and closing sections.

Home page

The home page contains a title which is read from a file named manifest.json. The home page also displays an unlimited number of "information cards" each containing a title, summary, and link to a content page. The content for the cards is read from the manifest.json file.

Manifest file

Edit the manifest.json file to change the home page title or the information cards.

Adding content pages

Add or remove pages from the manifest.json list to add or remove cards on the home page. Files for the content pages are in the content folder. It contains nine pairs of .html and .md files. Duplicate an .html and .md file if you need another content page (be sure to add it to the list in the manifest.json file).

About page

Edit the file to change the about page.

Navigation bar

Each page has a navbar with links to the home page and about page. The navbar is generated by a custom tag, , created in JavaScript. You can edit the file assets/scripts/yax-blackledge-navbar.js to add or change links.

Custom elements

The website uses five HTML custom elements:

  • <yax-blackledge-cards>: reads manifest.json and displays cards
  • <yax-blackledge-navbar>: navigation
  • <yax-blackledge-title>: reads manifest.json and displays a title
  • <yax-markdown>: reads Markdown files to display content
  • <yax-blackledge-heading>: displays title/summary on content pages from manifest.json

Cards per row

On the home page, you can change the number of cards displayed per row by editing the index.html file. For example, change <yax-blackledge-cards cards_per_row="3"> to <yax-blackledge-cards cards_per_row="4">.

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