Simple Morsetrainer written in Python for the Koch method with Farnsworth timing.
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A simple Morsetrainer written in Python for the Koch method with Farnsworth timing.


This program requires Python 3 with PyQt5, PyAudio and Scipy installed. The recommended way to install these is by your distributions package manager or pip.

About the Koch method

The Koch method was developed by German psychologist Ludwig Koch to speed up training of new telegraphy operators.

To quickly recognize Morse characters, the operator needs to intuitively tell the characters apart by their sound alone, because cognitive decoding processes are too slow. Before Koch developed his method, Morse operators would often "hit a wall" at around 10 words per minute, and take a lot of (often frustrating) practice to proceed past that "wall".

For that reason, training takes place at a speed of at least 20 words per minute. At this speed, cognition is not able to keep up with decoding each letter, and the brain is forced to associate the sounds directly with the letters, without unconsciously constructing "decoding tables".

Afterwards, the operator will be able to use Morse code at a comfortable speed with potential to get faster with even more practice.

To allow training to drop to lower speeds, the Farnsworth timing was developed. In Farnsworth timing, the letters are unchanged, but the pauses between letters and words may be lengthened.

At first, newe operators will only be required to distinguished between two characters of morse code. When they are able to copy a random stream of these two characters accurately (i.e. with 90% accuracy or larger), they have mastered these two letters. After that they can proceed to the next lesson, where another letter is introduced, until the whole alphabet is learned.

Koch noted during experiments, that certain orders of letters allowed his students to learn a lot quicker. For that reason, the letters in this applications are ordered according to such a recommendation.


This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

See file COPYING for details.